There are no off-the-shelf submarine options that meet Australia’s unique submarine capability requirements.

As consequence, the Australian Government undertook a competitive evaluation process to select an international partner to design and build the next generation of submarines.

This process provided a pathway for Australian industry to maximise its involvement in the SEA1000 program, whilst not compromising capability, cost, program schedule or risk.

France, Germany, and Japan were invited to participate in this process that assessed their ability to partner with Australia to develop the Future Submarine that meets our capability requirements.

Responses to the competitive evaluation process were provided in November 2015, and after completion of the comprehensive Competitive Evaluation Process, Government announced in April 2016 that DCNS of France has been selected as the international design partner to work with Australia to design the fleet of 12 Future Submarines.

Government also announced that the Future Submarines will be built in South Australia. 

The decision to partner with DCNS of France was driven by capability and based on the assessment that partnering with DCNS will offer Australia the opportunity to design and build a regionally superior submarine capability that best meets our unique requirements. These unique requirements include superior sensor performance and stealth characteristics, as well as range and endurance similar to the Collins Class submarine.