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Zest Energy Pty L:td

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Zest Energy Pty L:td
PO Box 1462. Rozelle, NSW 2039
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Jon Pemberton
Managing Director
0409 263 804
0409 263 804

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Zest Energy is the Australian Representative for Kokam Co.Ltd of South Korea. Kokam is a world leader in the supply of Lithium Polymer Batteries for military and civilian applications. kokam cells excel when high energy density and/or high power is required for military applications such as in submarines, to power both ancillary equipment and also main propulsion. Kokam batteries are most economical when reliability is mission critical and when long cycle life is mandated with a very high depth of discharge. Kokam's SLPB Lithium-ion batteries are capable of operating over a wide temperature range and specific chemistries are available tailored for specific military applications.

Lithium Polymer batteries for diverse Military and Civilian applications
Project Management
Consulting: Energy Management, Sustainability and Efficiency
Showcase Capability

Kokam Lithium cells for main propulsion and other applications powering weapons and other support systems

High Energy Density Lithium cells 130 - 200Wh/kg
Lithium Titanate cells with range of operation -30 - 60 deg C
Vertically integrated supplier from raw materials to turn key source of stored energy
Extensive marine applications for main and hybrid propulsion, sub sea and surface
Up to 8C/8C max continuous cell Charge/Discharge rates
Cells from 2Ah to 240Ah
Specialised cells for applications such as powering James Cameron's Deep Sea Challenger and the Solar Impulse
Safety features built in at the cell level

Key Customers

Key customers
Hyundai Heavy Industries, customer of Kokam, cells for submarines, various applications
TransGrid customer of Zest, Energy Storage solutions
Kepco Electric Power Co, Korea, customer of Kokam, Energy Storage solutions
Duke Energy, USA, customer of Kokam, Energy Storage solutions
Key Partners
Kokam Co, Ltd

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
Underwriters Laboratories
UL Japan
C Tick
IEC 62109
AS 4777

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