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VoTech System Engineers & Developers Pty Ltd

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VoTech System Engineers & Developers Pty Ltd
ABN98 064 676 777
Level 4, 21 Victoria Street., Melbourne VIC 3000
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Same as Above
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Maurice S Sikorski
Managing Director
03 9650 6842
+61 (0) 413 138 648

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Company Capability

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VoTech System Engineers & Developers Pty Ltd (‘VoTech’), is a wholly Australian owned Victorian based Company, but with a global reach. VoTech has a highly experienced team of Electronic Design Engineers with specialties in radio frequency engineering, avionics and other areas of communications.
VoTech has expertise in the management of large and complex Projects in a wide range of engineering, technical and commercial areas.

VoTech has provided services to many clients in the Defence Industries, including the Australian Defence Department, United States Defence Department, Aerospace, Naval and Communications Sectors as well as services to the Private Sector, both within Australia and internationally.

VoTech is highly regarded by the Australian Defence Department and generally within Defence Industries, in which it has a reputation for excellence in engineering, in Contracts, including where the total Contract value has been well over a billion dollars ($1b).
VoTech is providing the Victorian Community with the benefits of the Radio Replacement Project for both VHF and UHF radio bands, which will provide safety and security to members of the Community, and will fulfill a vitally important public service and within proposed budgetary constraints.

The Radio Replacement Project was awarded to VoTech on the basis of its sound engineering practices, its reputation, and the ability to provide low risk, robust, and quality deliverables, on a real value for money basis.

VoTech has experience in delivering high performance communication systems, engineering services and systems development.

System Engineering, COMs Engineering. SatComms. Project Management
Showcase Capability

Core Competencies
 System Engineering
 Network Engineering
 Secure Systems
 Communications Engineering
 Satellite Communications Engineering
 Electronic Design Engineering
 Radar Engineering

• VoTech is an Australian owned Company
• It is staffed with Senior Former Defence industry Personnel, and ADF, and Private Sector Commercial Personnel
• It has Senior Systems Engineers and Senior Software Engineers
• It employs Test Managers and Chief Engineers as well as Network and Communications Technicians, and ILS Personnel, and Project Managers

VoTech is a trusted SME sub-contractor to major Defence Industry Companies, supplying high quality resources and undertaking complex work on site and at VoTech offices in Melbourne since 2003. VoTech facilities are AGSVA accredited with restricted and Secret rooms and include all of the necessary safes (Class A & B). The premises are guarded overnight and systems in place for secure parking of classified documents

Key Customers

Key customers
Telstra Defence Engagement Unit; System Engineering, Scheduling & Systems Engineering Management. JP2047
Boeing Defence Australia (HATS Programme, Wedgetail Systems Engineering
Thales Australia (HATS Programme) Systems Engineering
Key Partners
VoTech is Stand alone

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
Quality Management System (QMS) VoTech’s compliance with customer and industry quality standards and requirements is presently achieved in two ways: (1) Where the client has appropriate processes and certifications, VoTech adopts and works directly under the client’s Quality Management System (QMS). This ensures a seamless interface with the client and avoids any mismatch in quality compliance and expectations. In some instances, appropriate and agreed tailoring of processes may be applied, or (2) In instances where the client’s QMS is not available or appropriate to VoTech’s scope for Goods or Services, VoTech prepares a Project Plan, Engineering Management Plan and/or Quality Management Plan specifically for the scope of work under consideration. In these instances the plans themselves provide the detailed processes and procedures which VoTech will adhere to for the project. Typical established industry standards which VoTech uses for guidance in developing project procedures include: ANSI/EIA-632 Processes for Engineering a System, IEEE Std 1220 IEEE Standard for Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process, ISO/IEC 15288 System Lifecycle Processes, CMMI-DEV CMMI for Development and the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook.

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