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Versalux Pty Ltd

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Versalux Pty Ltd
ABN 68 005 911 802
28 Edgerton Road Mitcham Victoria 3132
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PO Box 443 Mitcham Victoria 3132
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AIDN I Vic ICN IES - Illuminating Engineering Society Lighting Council Australia Lighting Council New Zealand ERAC - Responsible Supplier TGA - Therapeutic Goods Association

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Bruno Campisi
+61 3 8878 2000
+61 (0)411 114 731

Company Capabilities

Company Capability

Company Overview

Versalux is an OEM of light fittings designed and developed by Versalux. It is also an authorized distributor and OEM of light fittings for large overseas light fitting manufacturers, including; General Electric of USA, Glamox of Norway, Aqua Signal of Germany and Faeber Illuminazione of Italy.

Versalux has a diverse and extensive range of products covering many applications in both Land and Marine.

Versalux maintains in-house capabilities for engineering, design, research and development, manufacturing, assembly, quality control and supply logistics. Versalux head office and manufacturing plant is situated in Mitcham (Victoria) and consist of 3000sqm of warehouse, 600sqm of production & assembly, and 1300sqm of office & showroom. Versalux employs 80 people in Australia and New Zealand.

We are able to maintain a dynamic presence in the lighting industry through diversification (i.e. naval, mining, resources, recreational, offshore, commercial, etc) and innovation. Versalux expert lighting engineers and designers are able to satisfying the most demanding specifications and lighting requirements. Our in-house technical competencies and logistical capabilities allows us to deliver quality OEM standard products and bespoke products to meet client requirements.

Our relationship with larger overseas OEM’s provides us access to further technical competencies, supply logistics and test facilities.

Our marine lighting division has been serving the Australian Navy requirements since 1990 when established to deliver Australian manufactured light fitting to the ANZAC Frigate Program.

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Showcase Capability

Leading specialist for maritime lighting technology.
Experience with Navy applications, requirements and military standards.
An established and acknowledged supplier to the RAN and defence primes.
Able to fulfill complete lighting requirements, including; navigation lights and control panels, floodlights, search lights, interior and exterior lighting fixtures as well as emergency lighting systems and computer-aided programmable lighting systems.
Solutions oriented approach of working with clients to design and development light fittings for the most demanding environments and applications. With in-house engineering and test facilities.

Local capability for supply logistics and through life support
Innovative value proposition for design, development and supply
Local engineering, manufacturing and tecnology sustainment

Key Customers

Key customers
BAE Systems Australia
Thales Australia
ASC Shipbuilding
Defence Material Organisation
Key Partners
Aqua Signal GHMb
Glamox ASA

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
DNV, Loyds and Military Standards as required
Loyds approved test facilities

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