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Unique Metal Works Pty Ltd

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Unique Metal Works Pty Ltd
31 150 525 876
117 Inspiration Drive Wangara WA 6065
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Paul Taylor
Business Development
+61 8 9303 1500
+61 (0) 418 941 532

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Since 1972, Unique Metal Works has designed and fabricated a diverse range of manufactured products for the Offshore Oil & Gas, Mining, Industrial and commercial sectors. Unique is one of of Australia's most innovative and versatile manufacturers of sheet metal, stainless steel, steel, polymer and composite products. Our product lines and abilities encompass HVAC equipment, High integrity Stainless steel equipment and products, ECMA (Electronic Components Manufacturing Assembly), screening solutions, Laser cutting, turret punching etc. For over 45 years, our customers have relied on Unique to meet their stringent specifications, production needs, quality standards and delivery requirements.
Unique is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company. By meeting this international quality standard, Unique’s Engineering & Design Department in cooperation with our Quality team ensures our customers that all our products are constructed in compliance with all applicable drawings, specifications and requirements.
Our Quality System utilises highly trained, experience personnel measured by strict quality control procedures enabling Unique to deliver defect-free products under demanding delivery time frames.
Unique personnel have been trained in LEAN manufacturing and we use this learning throughout our organisation to reduce waste and inefficiency in all of our processes; this results in reduced lead times and greater production flexibility for our customers. By adopting the principles of LEAN Manufacturing, Unique offers our customers improved lead times with enhanced production capacity to meet their demands. The value of LEAN Manufacturing to our Customers is in receiving your products on on time and with excellent quality.

Laser cutting
Turret punching
High integrity Stainless Steel ventilation dampers
Acoustic enclosures
Attenuators & Silencers
Weatherproof and acoustic louvres
Exhaust Hoods
Showcase Capability

Unique Laser is one of the Australia's leading laser cutting companies specialising in 2D and 3D laser cutting. The Unique Laser cutting experience delivers complex, accurate and economical profiles. Our internal systems will allow modifications on the part's geometry with no tooling change. Laser cutting technology is much faster and more cost effective than any other system be it router, water-jet, turret or plasma. We can retain your project data and repeat it on later date with 100% accuracy. We guarantee prompt job turn around and delivery.
Manufactured products include Volume Control Dampers, Fire Dampers, Weather Proof Louvres, Exhaust Hoods, Ducting and Ventilation Accessories, Process and ventilation fans, Attenuators, Acoustic enclosures, Acoustic screens, Acoustic louvres, Silencers, Ventilation dampers, air movement and diffusion accessories

3D laser cutting
Multi-material disciplines
24 hour operation including "lights out" manufacturing equipment
Turret punching
Guillotine up to 10mm thick material
Fold and bend up to 10mm thick material
6000m2 under cover manufacture and assembly area

Key Customers

Key customers
Reino - 100% manufacture and commissioing of 1000's of Parking meters for Australia and International Clients
Downer - Rail Engine muffler repairs
John Holland - Perth Childrens Hospital cladding and building infrastructure
Austal - Dampers and louvres for marine vessels
Woodside - Karratha Gas Plant dampers, silencers and louvres
Brookfield Crown Hotels and Casino - Building infrastructure signage, screens
Aerobelt - floating belt conveyors
BHP Bombarier - Rail Carriage stainless fittings and screens
BHP Bechtel - Robot manufacture and controls
BHP Bechtel - Railway Wagon Load-out chutes
Solahart - Manufacture and assembly of Solar hot water sytems
Key Partners
Holding Company- Unique Metal Works Pty Ltd
Subsidiary - Unique Metals Laser Pty Ltd
Subsidiary - Denmac Pty Ltd
Subsidiary - Mainswest Pty Ltd
Subsidiary - Create-a-screen
Subsidiary - SmartSteel Pty Ltd
Supplier - Onesteel
Supplier - Austral Wright Metals
Supplier - Sandvik
Supplier - Stirling Metals

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations

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