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Thomas Warburton

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Thomas Warburton
Thomas Warburtons
481 Frankston Dandenong Rd, Dandenong South, Vic, 3175
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Simon Wheeler
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We are a Level One distributor to numerous ship building, land systems, and military customers worldwide, and have been recognised for our superior quality of parts and service. In addition to standard materials, We can supply a variety of specialty metals including: Monels, Inconels, Stainless steels, Alloy steels, Brass, Naval brass, Silicon bronze, Phosphorus bronze, Manganese bronze, and many more. In addition to supplying parts to NASM, MS, NAS, and AN standards, we also supply parts to numerous legacy MIL- Specifications. We specialize in sourcing hard-to find hardware and specialized made-to-print specials. Endless possibilities with no limits... contact us today to begin realizing the best experience Wurth Industry Global has to offer.

Customisation of unique products, Consumable inventory scanning system, e-Solution Web based order system, Kitting and package services, Custom branded products
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Thomas Warburton CIMS industry solution provides a service to fulfil your
continuous and less predictable consumable inventory ordering requirements,
Customisation to fulfil your unique product and quantity requirements,
Frequent maintenance to ensure consistency of supply,
Continuous distribution of goods at predetermined check
points determined by your requirements,
Reduced inventory holdings and storage,
A single supplier with fixed contract pricing,
Individual e-Solution web based platform with online access to order
status, usage reports, purchase history and inventory price list,
Efficient storage system and product available in the right place,
Optimal stock levels based on customer specific usage
requirements with an ability to adapt to requirements,
Ongoing support with regular maintenance and supply,
Customised Kitting and packaging services,
Custom branded product and design available.

As per CIMS attachment details

Key Customers

Key customers
Mercedes Benz G-Series rollout Yarrawonga Nitrocellulose Paint Australian Defence Force Kenworth Trucks Australia Trimotive Schneider Electrical
Key Partners
Wurth Industries

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Standards and Accreditations

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