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Taylor Bros Marine Pty Ltd

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Taylor Bros Marine Pty Ltd
5 Surveyors Drive Derwent Park TAS 7009
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P.O. Box 135 Moonah TAS 7009
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Phillip Taylor
03 6273 3700
0418 122 486

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Company Capability

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Taylor Bros is a third generation family business located in Hobart TAS. A marine engineering company, Taylor Bros capabilities include project management, engineering, design, fabrication, electrical, mechanical, and logistic support services. Taylor Bros provide a wide range of services to Defence, offshore oil and gas, Antarctic and Marine Science and the general marine industry.
Taylor Bros has been involved in accommodation projects for both the Royal Australian and Royal New Zealand Navies. Taylor Bros supplies and installs outfit accommodation equipment into the Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) ships. This comprises metal joiner bulkheads and doors, modular sanitary spaces, galley, servery, scullery, refrigerated spaces and laundry equipment, the fabrication of ship’s furniture and the design and prefabrication of berthing spaces, sanitary spaces, mess rooms, offices and meeting rooms. Taylor Bros supplies and installs furniture and equipment to BAE Systems for Zone 8 and the Medical Spaces of the Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) ships. Taylor Bros has completed work for BAE on Project Protector for the prefabrication and installation of interior panelling systems and furniture for two Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) for the RNZN, including accommodation spaces, galley, mess areas and sanitary spaces. Taylor Bros has subsequently been awarded a contract with the RNZN for the supply of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) to the OPVs over a 10 year period. In 2015, Taylor Bros will supply Thales with wet space and crew accommodation equipment and services during the refit of HMAS Success.

Outfit Accommodation Prefabrication and Installation
Marine Furniture and Equipment to Class Requirements
Naval Architecture, Engineering and Design Services
Marine Structural Welding to Class Requirements
Mechanical Engineering, Maintenance, Fitting and Turning
Showcase Capability

Taylor Bros has become a specialist in outfit accommodation services to the marine industry and has developed a prefabrication approach to projects for defence, oil and gas and maritime industry. Prefabrication is advantageous as it increases the amount of work conducted at Taylor Bros’ Hobart facility, which is set up for outfit accommodation activities. This reduces the amount of fabrication required at the shipyard during build or maintenance, thus increasing efficiency and productivity, compressing the project schedule and reducing the project cost.

Taylor Bros employ a wide range of tradesmen with extensive marine engineering experience, including class certified welders, machinists, diesel mechanics, electricians, ship wrights, carpenters and cabinet makers. This allows Taylor Bros to tackle a wide variety of projects in the marine sector including, Defence, Oil and Gas, Antarctic and general marine projects.
Taylor Bros has capabilities in Naval Architecture, Engineering, Design and Project Management.
Taylor Bros employees a prefabrication approach to many projects, which allows for the majority of the work to be completed in Hobart requiring less work onboard the vessel and thus less down time. Prefabrication of whole block/deck areas for the Air Warfare Destroyer program has resulted in large reduction in required installation hours and duration in the shipyard in Adelaide.
Taylor Bros provides in service support and ILS products for all supplies and equipment. It has supply agreements in place with overseas many suppliers of accommodation furnishing, galley, laundry, refrigeration space materials and equipment.

Key Customers

Key customers
ASC Shipbuilder Pty Ltd - Supply and install Outfit Accommodation furniture and equipment for Australia's 3 Air Warfare Destroyers including crew accommodation, wet spaces and recreation spaces, galley, laundry and refrigerated spaces equipment, office and storage furniture.
BAE Systems Maritime - Supply, install and provide in-service support for outfit accommodation areas onboard the LHDs.
Thales Australia Pty Ltd - Supply and install crew accommodation and wet space equipment for the refit of HMAS Success.
Defence Materiel Organisation - FFGSPO - Provide furniture including combat system console chairs for the FFGs.
P&O - Naval architecture, design, maintenance and in-service support of P&Os Antarctic fleet, including the Aurora Australis
CSIRO - Naval architecture, design, maintenance and in-service support of the RV Investigator.
Key Partners
STACO - - accommodation materials, modules and furniture.
Versalux - - Marine Lighting
Wilson & Gilkes - - Pressed Metal Furniture
CBG Systems - - Marine Insulation
Delegaciones Reunidas Novofri S.A. - - Galley, Laundry and Refrigeration Space Equipment and Materials for AWD and LHD vessels.
Gabadi S.L. - - Marine accommodation materials and furniture for AWDs and LHDs.

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management

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