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Systems Engineering & Assessment Limited (SEA)

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Systems Engineering & Assessment Limited (SEA)
Beckington Castle 17 Castle Corner Beckington Frome Sommerset BA11 6TA United Kingdom
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Nick Cheshire
Business Development Manager
+44 1271 337541
+44 7971 493814

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SEA supplies a range Maritime Combat System equipment and associated through life support. Our equipment expertise includes communications, launchers and sensor systems plus the network infrastructure required to support the combat system.
We provide a range of in-service support solutions, from simple spares, repair and overhaul to comprehensive through life management covering obsolescence and incremental capability upgrades.

Maritime Combat Systems
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Sub Sea Solutions
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Communication Systems
SEA’s common External Communication System(ECS) is in service with the UK Royal Navy and will be fitted to all in service and planned Submarines.

Key Benefits
•Open architecture enables low cost upgrade and replacement of system elements
•Easy integration of legacy, current and future communications devices
•Reduced operator workload and training burden

SEA’s common communications architecture is the backbone of future naval communications. Designed to meet the demanding requirements for external communications in the naval environment it is based on an open architecture, using products that have been proven at sea by the UK Royal Navy.

SEA's External Communication System(ECS) is a modular, reconfigurable system utilising open interfaces and standards. It can be added as part of an upgrade or as the core of a new communications system on both ships and submarines.

SEA is continually developing the system to ensure it can exploit new technologies and so provide system improvements and enhanced capability.

SEA delivers complete External Communications Systems (ECS), which include embedded network solutions that provide legacy, current and future equipment sub-system integration, configuration, control and monitoring.

SEA offers communications and network system development for military and commercial applications offering:
•Specialised communications equipment development
•Open systems
•Communications equipment integration, configuration, control and monitoring
•Information solutions for distributed data sources
•Communications systems engineering

We develop network systems for the integration, configuration, control and monitoring of communications equipment's. Our solutions use open architectures, are COTS based and are open standards compliant.

The company, which was founded in 1988, provides engineering and software design services to Government agencies, industrial prime contractors and academia. We employ high-calibre staff and place our emphasis on quality of service, innovation, flexibility and a creative approach to problem solving.
SEA’s External Communications System (ECS) is an open system, utilising open interfaces and standards. It is based upon the proven open architecture and products used in the existing UK submarine. Of particular note is the vendor agnostic nature of the system: the radios, modems, cryptos and other connected communications components of the ECS system can be from any supplier or can be government furnished. There is no “vendor lock-in”. Extant legacy equipment and the latest technology can be accommodated and used simultaneously through the same architecture. It is thus easy and cost-effective to modify and upgrade the communications system through life as and when change is desired.
SEA provide a range of in-service support solutions, from simple spares, repair and overhaul to comprehensive through life management covering obsolescence and incremental capability upgrades. We have been providing support solutions to the Royal navy for over 50 years and also provide support ot international navies

Key Customers

Key customers
BAE Systems - External Communications UK Submaires
Babcock - External Communications UK Submarines
Thales Underwater Systems - Sonar product support
UK MoD - Various equipment support contracts
Marshall Aerospace - Product manufacture
Key Partners
Partners - Various UK Primes
Suppliers - A wide range of large and small uk suppliers
Parent Company - SEA was acquired by Cohort plc in 2007. Cohort plc is the parent company of four innovative, agile and responsive businesses operating in defence and related markets. It aims to add real value through the experience and contacts of its senior team while providing a light-touch but effective governance framework. Its objective is to deliver value to shareholders through its four operating subsidiaries: MASS, MCL, SCS and SEA.

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO 9001
ISO 9100
ISO 14001
BS OHSAS 18001
Signatory to the Aerospace and Defence industries supply chain initiative - 21st Century Supply Chains (SC21)

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