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Stirling Dynamics

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Stirling Dynamics
Regent Street Bristol UK BS8 4HG
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Mark Cook
Chief Executive Officer
+44 117 915 2480
+44 7768 356242

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Stirling has over 25 years in the design and development of control systems and provision of technical services for the defence and aerospace market.

Of relevance to SEA 1000 is Stirling's capability in submarine systems where we are the current supplier of the safety-critical steering, diving and hover control software for the UK's Astute class submarine.

Prior to that Stirling has supported 10 worldwide navies in the design and test of a wide range of submarines from the German Type U214, and other diesel electric boats, through to the UK's Trafalgar class.

In addition to these control systems Stirling has developed whole-boat simulation models to support performance assessments and tuning.

To support the autopilot functionality Stirling has a range of active feedback control input devices, such as side-sticks and throttles which are used primarily in high-fidelity simulators for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. These control devices have recently been integrated into our FASC (Full Authority Submarine Control) system which is a technology demonstrator aimed at future platforms such as the UK's Successor project.

Submarine control systems
Real-time safety critical software
Active feedback control devices
Submarine whole-boat simulation
Showcase Capability

Submarine control systems - steering, diving, hover
Active feedback control devices
Submarine whole-boat simulation

Decades of experience with multiple submarine platforms
A detailed understanding of whole-boat performance through analysis and simulation models
Breadth of experience and re-use of existing software will deliver cost-effective solutions

Key Customers

Key customers
BAE Systems, Barrow - Astute boats 4,5,6,7 control software
Lockheed Martin, Orlando - F-35 stick and throttle control devices, simulator application
L3-COM - Astute Boats 1,2,3
SGB Enterprises, Santa Clarita - Black Hawk control devices, simulator application
BAE Systems, Barrow - Astute whole-boat simulation
Key Partners
RPS - safety adviser
Diamond Systems - processor boards

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO 9001

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