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Sonartech Atlas

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Sonartech Atlas
89 081 933 280
Unit G01, 16 Giffnock Ave Macquarie Park NSW 2113 AUSTRALIA
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PO Box 1413 Macquarie Centre NSW 2113 AUSTRALIA
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Mark Sander
Strategic Business Director
02 84847400
0418 132 775

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SONARTECH ATLAS is a systems engineering company specialising in the design and development of sonar systems for naval applications, from submarines to airborne ASW. SONARTECH ATLAS has advanced sonar research and development facilities combined with an extensive capability in systems engineering, software and hardware development, verification and validation, integration, logistic support and project management.

We have a proven track record in the design, manufacture and support of submarine sonars for the Royal Australian Navy and overseas navies.
Showcase Capability

SONARTECH ATLAS’ ability to operate independently to meet the needs of the local customer as well as those of our overseas customers is a clear indication of the maturity of the companies design, development and support systems. As a member of the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group we are a key supplier into the Group’s supply chain as well as having the ability to draw from that supply chain as required. Exemplar products include:

Active intercept and ranging sonars
Acoustic analysis tools
Submarine self noise monitoring systems
Data recording systems
Towed array handling systems
Airborne and Maritime sonobuoy processing systems

SONARTECH ATLAS has been a long term partner to the RAN providing unique capability discriminators. Key attributes of our capability include strategic relationships with the RAN, a world leader in Intercept and ranging sonars, incumbent supplier of Acoustic Analysis Systems to the ADF, supplier of key equipment to the Collins Class and a customer base built on provision of unique solutions characterised by long term and recurring partnerships.

Key Customers

Key customers
• Australia, Greece, Turkey, South Korea, Israel, Portugal, Canada, Norway, USA and Sweden
Key Partners
Key partners are the Atlas Electronik group including Atlas UK, North America and South Korea as well as Head office in Bremen , Germany..

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO9000:2008 Certified by SAI Global

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