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Simdikoff Group
9/120 Queens, Parade, Clifton Hill, Victoria. 3068
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Alex Simdikoff

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Simdikoff Group is an international Enterprise and we do conduct our business for more than 18 years. We strive to deliver the latest technology in various projects of complex engineering systems.
The main core of our business is mission risk mitigation. Our forte in model- based FMEA, rapid FMECA reports as well as analytical capability to provide stealth capability to our customers.

This can be achieved in several ways, such as a thorough planning from design stage and up to optimization of maintenance.
We do poses a capabilities to identify critical items for a particular mission,
conduct an analysis of a mission with stealth capability in mind.
Showcase Capability

in addition to the above we would like to offer a new technology for keeping air quality inside submarine to its highest possible level. We able to achieve that via the latest technology of injecting special cleansing anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and algae foam into HVAC system.

This technology was developed in USA and used by various car manufactures including Mercedes Benz.

We hold an expertise in Mission Analysis Software and do have entire satellite database as well as stealth capabilities for Land , Maritime and Subsea systems.
It will allow our customer to have a complete knowledge of where Radar Shadow or blind spots of enemy satellites.

Key Customers

Key customers
Thales, Ford, Repco
Key Partners
RMIT, PHM Techniolgy, AGI, Geoplex, AIDN

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
our product is accredited by National Asthma Council with Blue Butterfly

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