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Pump Technology Pty Ltd

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Pump Technology Pty Ltd
ABN 40 007 125 493 / ACN 007 125 493
43 Lakewood Boulevard, Braeside
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43 Lakewood Boulevard, Braeside, Vic 3195
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Ashley Pinder
61 3 9587 9000
0434 690 965

Company Capabilities

Company Capability

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Pump Technology is an originator of pumps, systems and services where performance, reliability and safety matter.
Our customers are in the defence, mining and industrial sectors.
We offer TLS PLUS: whole of life support, from understanding applications, through harmonizing pump design, system design and operating procedures. Customers evolving needs are catered for with advances in our products and services.
Pump Technology have in-house research, development, manufacturing and testing facilities.

Original design of tailored centrifugal pumps
Fluid mechanics using original computational methods
Noise prediction computational methods, ultra low noise solutions
Design for ultra low, near zero NPSH
Components immediately machined from solid; No castings.
Pump Testing
Rotor dynamics and balancing of complex rotor systems
Showcase Capability

Pump Technology is the designer and manufacturer of the main pumps on the Collins submarines. ASC recognize Pump Technology as an OEM for submarine pumps and associated systems. Pump Technology provide a full range of professional and technical services for through life support of the Collins submarines and other projects.
Pump Technology employs reliability engineering methods proven in the aerospace industry to design pumps; These methods quantitatively link component part design, system layout and operating procedures right through to Fleet availability. We are currently increasing the service interval up to 12 years for the Collins submarine pumps.
Pump Technology welcomes collaboration with overseas partners.

Pump Technology have over 25 years of submarine experience.
We have pumps specifically for submarine service.
Our submarine pumps are the quietest in the world.
TLS PLUS Includes performance and reliability advances as customer needs evolve.

Key Customers

Key customers
RAN/ASC Collins submarine pumps; Original design, manufacture, through life support.
Orica: Ammonia, ammonium nitrate, nitric acid, condensate and general chemical Pumps
CSBP: Ammonium nitrate pumps
Huntsman: Boiler feed and various ethylene oxide pumps
Australian Vinyls: PVC monomer feed, clave discharge and general chemical pumps
Minara Resources: High pressure sulphuric acid injection, hot slurry pumps
Ambatovy: High pressure sulphuric acid injection pumps
Key Partners

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO 9001 as audited by ASC, working towards accreditation

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