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Micro Planning International Pty Ltd

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Micro Planning International Pty Ltd
41 126 858 553
Wallace Cottage 11 Henry Street Traralgon Victoria 3844
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P O Box 7177 509 St Kilda Road Melbourne Victoria 8004
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Raphael Düa
03 51760962
0418 531111

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Company Capability

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Micro Planning International Pty Ltd (MPI) has been producing award winning project management software “X-Pert for Windows and Mac” since 1979. The software has been used extensively in major Defence projects within Australia, NZ and the US.

MPI is a privately owned Australian company specialising in Project Planning, Scheduling and Cost Controls in Defence and has been used for refit of O-Boats and construction of Collins Class Submarines and the ANZAC frigates . The business provides not only software but also consultancy services as well.

Since its' founding in 1987, MPI has provided high level consulting skills and knowledge to defence sub contractors and Tier 1 contractors. EVPM and Resource Management and Scheduling and Project Governance and Project Controls are key strengths which have been applied to RAAF and Army projects.

MPI has available skilled shipbuilding personnel and Quality Controls in Australia, NZ and the US.

The use of Micro Planner X-Pert has improved both productivity and the overall quality of clients project management systems resulting in successful delivery of product in a cost effective and timely manner.

X-Pert provides EVPM results as per AS 4817:2006 and EAI-ANSI 748-c standards, through provision of graphics output and provides data export for the higher level Controls systems for Defence reporting requirements via, XML, TXT, CSV and DIF formats allowing the client to tailor data interchange

Provision of high performance
Showcase Capability

The ability to provide affordable system which provides Critical Path Scheduling with full Resource Scheduling, Earned Value Performance Management, full graphics capability.

Multiple calendars with interaction between users in different locations, whether in Australia or overseas with integration of calendar computations and Critical Path definitions.

Input via graphics in form of Logical Critical Path Diagram in both Arrow Diagram method and Precedence Diagram Method with PERT capability.

Project Controls and Governance capability as per DMO requirements and other international PM standards

at only $USD995.00 per copy. It is fully supported in the US, UK, Germany, France, NZ as well as Australia
Our capabilities provide a cost effective fully compliant Critical path project management software whhich can analyse large projects and can interact with other projects in other locations. Thus each sub contractor can operate to their own resource capabilities and holidays and calendars without impacting any other sub contractor working on the project.
which reduces the complexity normally found in project plans when a series of tasks are operated in an overlapping form
The cost per copy for such a fully featured software product at $USD995.00 makes it very price competative

Key Customers

Key customers
Australian Department of Defence – RAAF F-111 Block Upgrades
Boeing, Anzac Ship Project,
Key Partners
We are the parent company, We have offices in UK, USA , NZ and Germany

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
Conforms to AS 4817:2006 and EAI-ANSI-748-C

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