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Marshall Day Acoustics Pty Ltd

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Marshall Day Acoustics Pty Ltd
31 Vardon Avenue Adelaide SA 5000
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GPO Box 1066 Adelaide SA 5001
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Alex Morabito
Senior Consultant

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Marshall Day Acoustics is one of the world’s leading firms of acoustic consultants, providing the highest standard of architectural and environmental acoustic consulting and theatre design.
For over 30 years, we have been providing innovative acoustic designs, working on major projects in over 15 countries and employ over 80 professional staff in offices in Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, and France.
As one of the largest acoustic engineering firms worldwide, we are able to provide our clients with the greatest range and depth of experience and expertise available.
Our strength in acoustic design comes from the diversity of our team members who have been drawn from engineering, architectural, musical and academic backgrounds, with one common
focus: to provide innovative acoustic designs of the highest standard.
From concert halls to wind farms and everything in between, we have experts in every field of acoustics who have the specialist knowledge required to deliver quality project outcomes.

acoustic design
noise control
environmental impact assessment
facility design
underwater acoustics
Showcase Capability

ARCHITECTURAL-Design or corrective work to make the acoustical environment effective and comfortable. Sound insulation, acoustic quality, speech privacy and the total acoustic design of facilities.

ENVIRONMENTAL-Assessment of noise and vibration impact of development proposals, including new roads, railways, air transportation developments and industrial projects. Site noise and vibration surveys, sound and vibration propagation predictions. Recommendations for the enforcement of environmental standards. Presentation of expert evidence for prosecutions or planning hearings. Assistance with development of noise and vibration control policy.

UNDERWATER ACOUSTICS- underwater acoustic modelling and underwater noise measurement services focused on accurately estimating noise levels that can be used for environmental assessments

INDUSTRIAL NOISE CONTROL-Occupational noise surveys, noise abatement, factory planning, design of specialist silencers, screening and industrial enclosures.
Building vibration and structural dynamics estimation of vibration propagation factors in buildings and other structures. Estimation of re-radiated structure-borne noise. Recommendations for vibration control measures. Empirical, theoretical and numerical modelling.

Software development, e.g. dBSea underwater acoustic software package. Our propagation solvers include numerical methods based on normal mode, parabolic equation, ray tracing and geometric spreading principles. Our expertise in understanding the underlying science and limits of each solver, enables us to apply them to scenarios for which they are best suited. Ultimately, we provide best possible noise level estimations that are tailored to individual projects
Marshall Day Acoustics is certified in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008. It is an integral part of our QMS that all actions undertaken as part of a project should be documented and reviewed in a manner that is auditable, understandable and traceable by others and is technically correct. Our systems and procedures are reviewed annually and all our offices have passed these reviews each year since the implementation of these reviews.
MDA’s experience and capability in providing specialist noise assessment services to Defence projects is also evident from our appointment to the 2017 – 2022 Defence Infrastructure Panel (DIP). MDA is the only standalone specialist acoustics firm on the DIP, approved for providing the complete range of specialist acoustics services spanning from building acoustics and ground based noise modelling through to specialist aircraft noise assessments
Our experience of working on Defence projects is extensive and includes a significant number of projects. We have built up a strong, professional and proactive defence facilities portfolio relationship translating to a thorough understanding of the Department of Defence’s needs. For example, the speech and security privacy requirements have been designed to achieve criteria for a number of facilities, including those located within or subjected to high level of internal and environmental noise exposure

Key Customers

Key customers
KBR, acoustic design new facilities at RAAF Base Woomera, Edinburgh, ASC Osborne
Department of Defence, F-35A Environmental Impact Assessment, ongoing support with community consultation
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Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
AS/NZS ISO 9001-2008

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