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Linch-pin Offshore Management Services

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Linch-pin Offshore Management Services
Suite 161, Level 3 580 Hay Street Perth WA 6000
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Suite 161 Level 3 580 Hay Street Perth WA 6000
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John Davis
Principal Naval Architect
+61 (08) 9322 4971
0423 229 414

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Company Capability

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Linch-pin Offshore Management Services (Linch-pin) is a project and construction management consultancy working predominantly in the marine structures field, both fixed and floating. Linch-pin delivers technical, operational and project management advice and design services from conceptual through to detailed design.
Linch-pin has a track record of delivering bespoke equipment designs supported by the construction methodologies and marine simulations that enable cost effective and safe operations within Linch-pin established operating and environmental constraints.

Structural Engineering
Naval Architecture
Mechanical Engineering
Systems integration
Construction and decommissioning project management
Showcase Capability

Extensive construction and installation experience including the marine operations associated with pre-service phases. Quantifying temporary and accidental load-cases relevant to the integrity of platforms, vessels, infrastructure, equipment. Establishing safe methods of executing marine operations and identifying equipment requirements to enable those operations. Conceptual through to detailed design of equipment packages in support of operations. Construction management and client/contractor representation at all phases of design, construction and deployment.

Extensive experience in marine operations of extremely high value assets > $1 bn
Access to substantial network of resources through recruitment business
Demonstrated rapid mobilisation of design teams for complex design tasks

Key Customers

Key customers
Woodside Energy Limited: Construction and decommissioning methodologies
McDermott Australia: Structural design and naval architecture in support of susbsea consctruction activities
Qatar Petroleum:Emergency Pipeline Repair System detailed design
Quadrant Energy: Decommissioning methodology offshore structure
Sapura Kencana: 400 Te subsea chain puller detailed design
Key Partners
PH Hydraulics

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO 9001:2015 Certified by Bureau Veritas

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