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L-3 Henschel

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L-3 Henschel
25 745 849 336
90 Nemco Way, Ayer MA 01432
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John Higgins
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L-3 Henschel provides nearly a century of experience as a designer and manufacturer of naval systems for control, navigation, communication, monitoring and propulsion applications used in shipboard Hull, Mechanical & Electrical (HM&E) systems. These include: machinery, electrical & propulsion; integrated bridge navigation, data distribution, networks and sensors; internal communications, Alarm & Announcing, environment and battery monitoring systems that integrate into HMI-compliant workstations and consoles. Our approach selects industry standard components, interfaces and technologies and incorporates them seamlessly into our customer compliant systems to maximize performance and minimize life-cycle costs. We also offer our customers comprehensive life cycle support services, including worldwide field service, technical support, spares and depot repair services. L-3 Henschel has facilities located in Ayer, MA and New Orleans, LA with the experience and expertise to flawlessly execute naval system design, manufacturing and integration programs of any size and complexity.

Engineering Services
Product Development
Detailed Design
Systems Engineering
Life Cycle Support Services
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Program Management
Depot Repair
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Submarine Specific Products:
Integrated Communications
Wireless Communications
Automated Battery Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring (Missile & Torpedo Tubes)
Precision Trim Angle Transmitter
Trim Angle Inclinometer
Hull Pressure Indicator
Depth Gauge
Ships Course Indicator
Rudder Angle transmitter
Computer Information System
Remote Video Surveillance System

Incumbent provider of products and systems for US and HMS naval submarines
Large Install Base
Life Cycle Service provider

Key Customers

Key customers
US Navy
UK Navy
Key Partners
L-3 Communications
L-3 Marine & Power Systems
L-3 Maritime Systems

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Standards and Accreditations

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