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J Steel Australasia Pty Ltd

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J Steel Australasia Pty Ltd
81 124 188 567
Level 23, 207 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000
Postal Address
PO Box H40 Australia Square Sydney NSW 1215
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Members of Piling Federation Australian Rail Association Engineers Australia

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Joe Commins
General Manager - Sales and Marketing
0410 434 035

Company Capabilities

Company Capability

Company Overview

The J Steel value proposition offers reduced risk, cost savings and surety of supply through a fully integrated design - procurement – installation – project management solution incorporating:

- Engineering and Design
- Steel Sheet Piles
- Tubular steel piles and pipes
- Rail
- Structural steel – High performance steel sections and fabrication
- Steel Fibres
- Anchorage systems / Tie rods and components
- Giken Silent Piling Equipment
- Project Management and Installation services
- Quality assurance and documentation

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Showcase Capability

- J Steel represents ArcelorMittal in the region for Steel Sheet Piles, Structural Sections and Rail & Giken Ltd for Silent Piling Technologies

- As industry demands more value added solutions, J Steel’s supply offering has grown to provide engineering design, procurement, fabrication, logistics, installation and project management services

- Central to the J Steel business philosophy is providing efficient and sustainable engineering solutions that provide balanced outcomes for the client, contractor and community

- “Think Globally, Act Locally” – collaborating with our global and local partners, J Steel provides world’s best practice solutions to engineering and construction challenges

Design and support services locally and internationally
International procurement
Australian representatives of ArcelorMittal sheet piling
Australian representatives of Giken Silent Piler

Key Customers

Key customers
Keller Foundations Pty Ltd. Iluka Apartments - 980MT fabricated structural steel
CPB Contractors Pty Ltd. Gold Coast Light Rail - 1,500MT rail line
CPB Contractors Pty Ltd. Westconnex M5 Access Shaft - design, 130MT steel sheet piles, installation of sheet piles, bracing
CPB Contractors Pty Ltd. Westconnex M5 Arncliff Site - 1,435MT steel sheet piles
McConnell Dowell. AMRUN - 3,500MT tubular piles
Northwest Rapid Transit Infrastructure JV. North West Rail Link - 6,540MT rail
Key Partners
ArcelorMittal - Sheet Piles and Rail
Giken - Silent Piler
Anker Schroeder - Tie Rods and Accessories

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004

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