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Itera Global Pty LtdT/as Castech Solutions

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Itera Global Pty LtdT/as Castech Solutions
U4/5 Hines Road, O'Connor, WA 6163
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Evan Tweedie
Business Development Manager
08 9331 4099
0475 885 370

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Company Capability

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We are an Australian supplier of quality castings, forgings and fabrications.
With well over 50 years combined technical knowledge and experience we have the resources and knowhow to supply the best quality products available at a world-competitive price. Castech Solutions’ team includes manufacturing specialists, metallurgists, mechanical and material engineers, NDT technicians and experts in project management, technical support, finance, sales, logistics and shipping. With offices in Australia and China, our team facilitates manufacturing (to a standard equal or better than anywhere in the world) with prompt delivery and at a very competitive price.
Based on the precept that no manufacturer is capable of providing all solutions to all requirements, we are partnered with a selected group of pre-approved well-equipped, experienced and Quality Systems accredited international manufacturers.
For each project, the requirements/specifications are thoroughly analysed and the manufacturing partner that is best suited and experienced is chosen.
Castech Solutions has invested in the development of an extensive database of materials with chemistries and heat treatments optimized for a wide range of applications. This knowledge allows us to help you to select the best material and processing for a specific application. We can supply parts made of a wide variety of irons, steels and copper or aluminium based alloys.

Castech Solution’s core competency is the delivery of value to its customers through world class engineering, product quality, and best-value-for-money sourcing.
Showcase Capability

Design and manufacture of key critical specification components

Well defined business processes integrated in ERP platform
Comprehensive supplier assessment process
Complete technical specifications compiled to the correct standards in Australia, including drawings, product data sheets, material data sheets, specific manufacturing procedures, inspection, packing, shipping and compliance.
Verification by Castech inspectors prior to release of product
Ongoing tracking during production and shipping

Key Customers

Key customers
Caterpillar - OEM parts
Downer EDI Rail - Rolling stock components
UGL Rolling stock components
Rio Tinto - innovative wear products
Bombardier - rail vehicle components
Metso - wear products
Hitachi - machine components
Key Partners
Various specilaised international manufacturers

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO 9001

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