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IPACS Australia Pty Ltd

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IPACS Australia Pty Ltd
56 086 981 964
Module 3.0, Endeavour House 11-15 Fourth Avenue Mawson Lakes, SA 5095
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Vinay Sriram
General Manager (Engineering)
08 8260 3609

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IPACS Australia are leaders in the collection, monitoring and reporting of real-time asset performance in industries including mining and resources, defence, energy and manufacturing.

We provide secure, reliable and low-cost collection and transmission of remote sensor data – across any enterprise and from anywhere in the world.

Our suite of technologies – which include IT infrastructure management, asset data management, analytics and dashboards – provide real-time feedback on the performance of critical assets, wherever they are located.

We analyse data and provide reports in clear, easily understood formats, enabling organisations to make informed and timely decisions.

Our core capabilities are Smart Infrastructure, Management of Asset Data, Analytics for Asset Performance and Asset Performance Dashboard. We can help customers using any one of these four core capabilities, or we can provide an integrated solution to meet specific needs.
Showcase Capability

Smart Infrastructure
Infrastructure optimised for the secure, reliable and low-cost collection and transmission of remote sensor data, across the enterprise and from anywhere in the world.
Data must be collected where it’s generated and in the modern enterprise it often comes from a wide geograpical area. IPACS are leaders in the collection and transmission of data using a wide range of sensors and data communication technologies, including innovative wireless sensor design. IPACS uses wireless, satellite or wired data transmission technologies to securely transmit data from sensors.
We provide computer networking, virtualisation, IT infrastructure management and embedded sensing.

Management of Asset Data
Software for the management of enterprise-wide time series data in the context of an asset framework.
Modern sensors generate a stream of data that forms a ‘time series’. Organisations increasingly face an exponential growth in the quantity of time series sensor data that must be managed. IPACS has specific expertise in managing and structuring this data and ensuring it is tailored to the asset need. We call this "The Asset Framework".
We provide large-scale secure and reliable data management with an understanding of asset frameworks.

Predictive Analytics for Asset Performance
Algorithms for the analysis and diagnosis of asset condition and performance.
IPACS predictive analytics provide algorithms that transform raw sensor data into easily interpreted information that can be used to determine asset condition and performance. This enables organisations to make timely and accurate asset planning decisions.
Our people are skilled in designing and interpreting analytics specific to asset maintenance.

Asset Performance Dashboard
Software for the presentation of real-time asset performance to decision-makers.

As a market leader, IPACS provides the highest possible level of expertise, delivery and support. We are continually developing our knowledge and experience in partnership with our customers.

Key Customers

Key customers
Babcock, Thiess, BHP Billiton, Oz Minerals, Lucas Total Contract Solutions, Government of South Australia
Key Partners
Hp, OsiSoft, IBM, University of South Australia

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
IPACS’ systems have received the following accreditations: Det Norske Veritas (Certification Number: DSO-242-JEWA/Bvoe) Lloyd’s Register (Certification Number: 05/00086) ABS Europe Limited (Reference Number: PID 450057)

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