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Hide Away Safe Securities Pty Ltd

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Hide Away Safe Securities Pty Ltd
240 Stamps Lane Wangaratta Victoria 3678
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David Jackson
0357 219 040
0412 999 997

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Established in 1990 on a small acreage in Wangaratta Vic the Hide Away Safe Co remains a passionate Australian owned SME family company.
Customising, assembly & head office remains in country Victoria with manufacturing in Melbourne.
It is ‘the global leader in security portability’ – There is no other comparable product worldwide which can achieve the benefits that the Hide Away Safe System can.
In 2005 our products were endorsed for use in the most stringent security applications within Australian Commonwealth departments and agencies for the secure storage transfer and carriage of National Security Classified Material.
Our initiative and innovative spirit allows us to work alongside potential clients to develop a diverse range of high security containers and accessories.
The Hide Away Safe System secures a range of items as diverse as; crypto gear to explosives, office backups to micro electronic systems, from handguns to laptop computers and from private documents to highly sensitive Government/military Top Secret classified materials.
It can be used as a standalone safe, as an electronic storage facility, as a fire egress safe, as a mobile security system or as a transit safe sent by courier or Post.
It is easily concealed, installed in minutes and relocated within seconds into other docking stations secured in a variety of locations such as offices, homes, vehicles, vans, boats, submarines and aircraft.
Simply one Hide Away Safe – multiple secure locations.
It can take an incredible amount of physical abuse yet retain its secure integrity despite its light-weight state of the art Lexan Polycarbonate construction.

We specialise in adaptions to our Hide Away Safe System to meet clients needs.
Showcase Capability

While the greater market place in general are unaware of our existence we continue to design and produce cutting edge, multi-faceted secure container systems for DOD through Land 121 3A 3B 5B Project Overlander (2009 - 2020), the Bushmaster project for crypto gear and in SEM Fire and Rescue's Land Laying Modules, to the Australian Border Force and every Police force in Australia for individual hand gun protection within an armory or on site, numerous other government departments, hundreds of large and small companies and thousands of small businesses and individuals and traveling Australians.
Our core domestic product use is for individual security applications, ideal for the sailors personal bunkside belongings security.
Our initiative and innovative spirit allows us to work alongside potential clients to develop a diverse range of high security relocatable containers and accessories.
They can be secured by a variety of locking systems, it could include a fully integrated audit trail, be alarmed or be part of a wire free access control system or even have sophisticated on-board camera surveillance or a simple SCEC endorsed masterkeyed lock system..
There is a minimal ’through life cost’ in investing in the Hide Away Safe System. We are approved defence suppliers – our NATO (NCAGE) Code is Z0MY0 – we are DMO LoRS certificated.

The Hide Away Safe System is global unique, there is nothing worldwide that can achieve what a single Hide Away Safe can achieve.
We are a Australian owned and made SME with a proven track record for over 25 years. The system has a proven 'minimal thru life cost'.
Made from light weight military spec liquid injected Lexan impact modified polycarbonate. One Hide Away Safe - multiple secure locations, even of ship.
Benefits are; lightweight, virtually indestructable, unobtrusive, rustproof, easily installed at any angle and relocated as required, nil maintenance, owner onus usability, long term life span.

Key Customers

Key customers
2001 - present day Australian Customs - Australian Border Force
2001 - present day AFP - Australian Federal Police
2002 - present day QPOL - Queensland Police Service
2008 - present day Justice Department Vic - Sherriffs Fleet
2008 - present day NSW Police Service
2009 - 2014 MBAuP for Land 121 Project Overland 3A 5B - Comsec Enclosures for Mercedes G Wagons
2011 - present day Australian Crime Commision
2014 - present day CEVA Logistics fleet
2015 Bushmaster Project - DOD
2015 SEM Fire and Rescue's Land Laying Modules - DOD
2015 - 2020 for Land 121 Project Overland 5B - Comsec Enclosures for Reinmettal MAN
Key Partners
Suppliers; Assa Abloy Australia - Form 2000 Sheetmetal - Hosico Engineering
No Partners and no parent company

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
• AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 Certificate No: 171012016 License No:Q0171 2005-2015 Partners
DMO LoRS certification

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