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Gabler Maschinenbau GmbH

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Gabler Maschinenbau GmbH
Niels Bohr Ring 5A 23568 L├╝beck
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Ole Johannsen
Director Sales

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Gabler is the leading manufacturer in hoistable masts for convential submarines( especially classes 209 and 214 submarines) having produced masts for more than 150 submarines operated by more than 20 navies wolrdwide. The great advantage of Gabler products are based on developments during the last decade focussing on upgrades of technical parameters, extended functionalities and incraesed capabilities. With regard to mast concepts in general, our masts are the smallest, occur minimal power consumption combined with the largest stroke at once and achieve highest movement speeds concerning hoisting speed of the mast and operational speed of the submarine. In principal our hoistable masts can be built as telescoping or penetrating masts, with column guidance or as trunk systems with either rectangular or cylindrical cross-section.
The standard mast can accommodate different types of sensors in one and the same mast. To cope with differently sized sensors, a number of adapted shaft sizes can be offered. This makes it easy to change the sensors over the live cycle of a boat or to install different sensor types e.g. in sister ships to increase the overall capability range of a flotilla, both helping to keep down overall investment and life cycle cost. For instance the Gabler periscope hoisting devices and optronics masts are characterised by precise, easy movement at all speeds, almost completely free of vibration.

tailor made state of the art hoistable mast solutions whic improves every submarines capability
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Hoistable masts for submarines

track record on german class 209 and 214 especially. reliable and valuable partner in sustainment for more than 20 navies

Key Customers

Key customers
TKMS, Korean SY, all Navies for conventional Subs
Key Partners
Shipyards and Navies

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Standards and Accreditations
all latest standards from our contractors will be fullfilled

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