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Furmanite Australia Pty Ltd

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Furmanite Australia Pty Ltd
39 Stuart Drive Henderson, 6166
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Matt Wilson
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08 9410 6100
0413 707474

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Furmanite assists companies across all industries worldwide achieve maximum process efficiency and effective asset management – adding value not cost – bringing a breadth of local and global experience plus a wide range of products and services, using the latest materials, techniques and technologies, and engineering dedicated solutions where required. All these products and services are designed to increase site execution efficiency, reduce maintenance schedules, minimize maintenance planning, and avoid un-necessary project budget overruns.

On- Line Leak Sealing
On-site Field Machining
Self-Levelling Machine Technologies
Bolt Torquing and Tensioning
Hydrostatic Weld testing
Hot Tapping
Valve Repair
Heat Treatment
Non-Destructive Testing
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Furmanite introduced its On-Site Machining (OSM) service in 1979, which has since developed into a comprehensive site machining package complementing the full range of other Furmanite specialized services. Comprehensive ranges of machine tools have been developed and manufactured in-house that are able to meet the most demanding requirements found on clients’ sites. These are marketed under the Silk TM brand.

Furmanite technicians are fully trained, competent and have a high regard for both safety and the requirements of the customer while working on their sites.

The Furmanite OSM service can consistently bring the benefits of a fully equipped machine workshop to a customer’s site. Tolerances and finishes, usually only achievable in a machine shop, can be reliably reproduced in unfavorable field environments by the use of the Furmanite range of portable machine tools.

Furmanite equipment has the capacity to mill, bore, trepan, drill or carry out any other machining activity normally associated with a workshop. Furmanite’s machines are either pneumatically or hydraulically powered for use in plant environments where intrinsically safe operations are mandatory. All machines are fully adaptable to the task concerned.

Onsite specialist machining services focused on minimising asset downtimeand saving money.

Key Customers

Key customers
Chevron, Woodside, Santos, ASC, GE Oil and Gas,
Key Partners
Furmanite Corporation

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO 9001-2008
OHSAS 19001

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