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Frequentis Australasia

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Frequentis Australasia
1/425 Nudgee Rd Hendra, QLD 4011
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Tim Malone
Head Defence Business Development

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Frequentis is a worldwide leading supplier of safety and mission critical voice/data communications for Defence Command & Control centres (including Air Traffic), across naval surface combatants, fixed shore facilities and mobile/transportable applications. Frequentis solutions are fitted to the US Navy CVN/LHA/LHD fleet and being evaluated for USN drone communications.

Frequentis understands the Australian military context. Frequentis is the incumbent supplier for the RAAF’s Command & Control systems, such as Vigilare, tactical radars and mobile systems. Frequentis is also the incumbent supplier to Air Services Australia for Air Traffic Management (ATM). With the wide ranging inter-connection of voice and data systems across the ADF for the Vigilare and ATM systems, Frequentis understands systems of systems integration challenges and knows the Defence operational users and CASG clients and they trust the Frequentis solutions and technical support.

Frequentis has over 6 decades of safety and mission critical systems experience combined with high R&D investment > 12%. Active participation in regulatory, industry and standardisation communities, with the aim to not just to comply with global standards, but also to set them. Frequentis performs the whole cycle from design, modification, manufacture, integration, test and deployment. With full support to clients’ legacy systems and a deep understanding of 3rd party COTS/MOTS legacy and emerging systems, Frequentis is able to provide seamless integration. Frequentis is also able to tailor design to customer requirements and facilitate highly configurable and modular systems for changing operational needs.

Local Capability: Frequentis Australasia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Frequentis AG (Vienna Austria) and has delegation for local contract execution. Staffed locally with experienced business development, project management, systems integration and technical/ILS support. Overall, an Australian SME with international reach-back.
US Acceptance: The products have certification for Red/Black communications. Frequentis has a significant design and manufacturing presence in the USA, having contracts with USAF, USN, US Army and FAA and can provide US certification and directed integration from USA manufacturers.
World Class Products: Frequentis is a world technology leader in voice communications with exports to over 120 countries for safety and mission critical sytems.
Know ADF: Having worked closely with the RAAF/ADF since 2004, across multiple projects and capabilities, have a deep understanding of the operational and support customers.
Showcase Capability

• Large centre voice communication systems
• Distributed control voice communication systems
• Interface & Gateways (eg. radios, crypto, telephony, recording)
• IP Networks infrastructure (eg. layer optimisation software)\

Frequentis is a low risk solution provider:
• Specialists excellence with major cooperation efforts
• Low risk suppliers: More than 800 people at Frequentis are involved in the design, development and production of Communication Systems
• Engineering capacity is proven to be big enough to handle customer specific adaptations, change requests and risks/hazards during project implementation
• Pool of experienced PM resources to manage large, complex and long term contracts
• Frequentis past performance - on time and on budget and can manage rapid deployment programs
• Future proof: products are within a product management cycle and have a transparent development path
• All features & functions of already implemented in similar large and complex projects and follow a latest release policy
• The joint solution platform has enough system resources so that any feature / function can be implemented without reducing the system performance
• Through intense interoperability testing, the joint solution may ensure a stable platform our customer can rely on – field proven in projects of similar size and complexity
• Large variety of interfaces make sure that the implementation risk is minimal
• The offered solution HMI‘s can be adapted to the customer workflow (and not the other way around) through investments in own HMI knowledge centres
• Integration of IP-based management systems
• Interoperability made possible by homogenous technology platform:

New iSECCOM range of voice communications systems ideally suited for military applications: distributed architetcure, small footprint, durable in stress conditions
With incumbency with RAAF, able to provide in-country support and with Sea1000 business, could expand to include design and manufacture in-country
Products interoperable and used with US Forces

Key Customers

Key customers
Air Services Australia
Key Partners
Boeing Australia Limited
Thales Australia
Lockheed Martin Australia
Raytheon Australia

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Standards and Accreditations

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