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Fiomarine -International Submarine Engineering Ltd.

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Fiomarine -International Submarine Engineering Ltd.
1734 Broadway Street Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada V3C 2M8
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ISE is a member of CADSI; The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries. This is Canada's premier defence related association.

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Phil Reynolds
Business Development Manager

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International Submarine Engineering Ltd. ISE is a world leader in the design, production and integration of autonomous underwater vehicles, remotely operated vehicles, autonomous semi-submersibles, and related subsea tooling and systems for the aforementioned, and other subsea and terrestrial robotics systems. The company has evolved a unique skill set for turning difficult problems into tangible solutions. ISE offers extensive capabilities ranging from feasibility studies, detailed analysis, systems design, development, testing, quality control and field support. Great emphasis is placed on developing equipment to meet specific requirements based on the customers’ unique missions, as well as providing systems reflecting our emphasis on modularity, upgradeability, and ease of maintenance. ISE products have been working in hundreds of applications around the world for over forty years and in that time, we have earned a reputation for high standards of quality in our engineering design and manufacturing processes. Our success in delivering highly capable systems to the Naval, Scientific, and Offshore Oil & Gas community is testament to our focus on delivering products and systems that enable the customer to efficiently and cost effectively meet their operational requirements. ISE’s completion of numerous complex projects is a testament to the success of this focus.

Engineering and feasibility studies, Detailed analysis, Systems design, Systems development, Systems Integration, Testing, Quality control, Field Support, Maintenance and Spares Program
Showcase Capability

ISE has an established reputation in designing systems that are at the forefront of the technology curve while emphasising the use of OEM sub systems and components to maximize dependability, modularity, upgradability, and efficiently in operations.
The ISE Explorer AUV for example stands out from its competitors in several ways:
• The modularity of the design allows the systems to be easily and cost effectively configured according to the end users’ specific requirements. Depending on the configuration, the ISE Explorer AUV can vary in length from 4.5 m to 7.25 m depending on the mission requirements
• The engineering design emphasis on maintenance and ease of upgrade enables a much lower cost lifetime refurbishment plan than competitor systems
• ISE’s use of variable ballast on the base model Explorer AUV provides additional operational capabilities beyond what competitor systems can offer
ISE’s strength is its staff. Our engineering design team in particular which has very low turnover and has members with a great deal of subsea engineering experience. Many of our engineers and Project Manager have been with the company over 15 to 20 years and pass on their expertise and unique skill sets to our junior engineers.
Interestingly, the owner of ISE, Jim McFarlane Sr. started his career building the Canadian Navy’s Oberon Class submarines in England. This same submarine was operated by the Australian Navy for many years. This is an example of ISE’s long history in the subsea marine engineering industry and its familiarity with the market.
With our over 40+ years of experience we have a

One of the key discriminators is our engineering design focus which is directed:
Cost effective upgradability
Efficiency of operations
It is the above points which are inherent throughout the engineering design phase and which are main points of consideration in the PDR (Preliminary Design Review) and CDR (Critical Design Review) process. This focus allows us to minimize operations and maintenance cost for the end user throughout the life of the system.
ISE also places a great deal of value on the relationship with the customer after delivery. We are proud to have established long lasting relationships with many of our customers through the implementation of our “Peace of Mind” Maintenance and Spares plan which aims to provide an open and clear understanding of the spares and maintenance requirement of the systems before delivery thereby ensuring that the end user is receiving the best value for their spares and maintenance budget.

Key Customers

Key customers
Japanese Coast Guard • ISE Explorer AUVs – The Japanese Navy has acquired several ISE Explorer AUVs with the 4th system undergoing sea trials in Japan at this time • Maintenance and Spares Service – Part and parcel of ISE deliverables is the maintenance and upgrade of our vehicles through a comprehensive maintenance and spares service plan.
University of Tasmania • Explorer AUVs – the University of Tasmania took delivery of the ISE Explorer AUV several years ago. The vehicle has been used extensively for Hydrographic surveys and other science related projects. • Maintenance and Spares Service – ISE is now providing spares for the vehicle as part of the maintenance and spares plan.
University of Southern Mississippi • ISE Explorer AUVs – The University of Mississippi has taken delivery of ISE AUV to satisfy research and hydrographic requirements. • Maintenance and Spares Service
COSL – China • ISE Explorer AUVs – ISE will be delivering an AUV to this customer in the near future along with one or possibly more ROVs. • Maintenance and Spares Service
Ifremer • ISE Explorer AUV – This customer is one of the earlier procurers of the Explorer AUV and has completed a substantial number of research operations with the vehicle. • Maintenance and Spares Service – ISE has provided a multitude
Canadian Navy • Trailblazer MCM ROV – ISE delivered and is presently providing engineering support for the maintenance of the Canadian Navy’s Trailblazer MCM ROV • Dorado Semi Submersible MCM Vehicle – ISE delivered the Dorado MCM Semi-Submersible to the Canadian Navy. ISE maintains the system at its facility on behalf of the Canadian Department Of National Defence. • Maintenance and Spares Service provided
Canadian Government – NRCAN’ • Explorer AUVs customized for long endurance and artic conditions were delivered to NRCAN to satisfy artic subsea survey requirements. The Explorer AUV conducted 11 days of under ice operations with periodic charging and data upload via connection from surface to the vehicle on station subsea. • Maintenance and Spares Service • Operations Service
Key Partners
Partners – ISE has completed many projects with partnerships. A couple of examples are Phoenix International which is a US based partner in the ongoing maintenance of the US Navy SRDRS submarine rescue submersible. ISE provides spares and engineering support to Phoenix when required as we designed the vehicles propulsion and control systems.
Another historical partnership has been the one with OceanWorks International going back over 15 years. OceanWorks was the prime for the US Navy’s Sub rescue system project.
ISE has also had a long standing relationship with Hawboldt Industries who has historically manufactured LARs systems to ISE specifications.
ASEN is our partner for ISO containers:
Specific to the Australian market is our partnership with Fiomarine Industries Pty Ltd of Glenorchy Tasmania who represents ISE as Agent for Australia and New Zealand.
Suppliers – ISE has a list of suppliers that meet our quality standards. Our suppliers provide fabrications services and system sub components to ISE design specifications while other suppliers provided instrumentation and sensors for our subsea applications. Specific suppliers can be provided when required.
Parent Company – No parent Company. Privately owned Canadian Company

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISE meets ISO 9001 requirements. As well, we are able to design to MILSPEC and have delivered systems to the Canadian and US Navy that meet MILSPEC and NATO requirements.
ISE is able to, and has experience, designing to DNV, ABS, and Lloyds standards.

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