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Dematec Automation

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Dematec Automation
9 / 5 Stephen St, Melrose Park, SA 5039
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PO Box 153, Melrose Park, SA 5039
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David Hart

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Company Capability

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Dematec Automation is a South Australian based engineering company specialising in industrial automation projects and solutions. Dematec was formed in 1990 and is a private company owned by the executive team. Dematec services a wide range of industries including water, manufacturing, and food and beverage and defence work currently accounts for 25% of our turnover.

Electrical & control system design
Communication & telemetry network design
Automation systems including robotics, PLC, and SCADA systems
Construction and installation of electrical switchboards
System commissioning and maintenance
R&D concept and prototype development
Engineering support services including 24/7 on-call facility
Showcase Capability

Dematec specialises in the design, manufacture, and configuration of integrated electrical and control systems for industrial grade equipment (such as pumps, sensors, water treatment equipment). Dematec's systems utilise industrial grade commercial off the shelf products to ensure the reliability and maintainability of the system, and to ensure a future support and upgrade path.

Concept development based on integrated COTS platforms
Highly responsive and reliable in terms of quality and timeliness
Excellent client retention and satisfaction
Secure & cost effective ‘Industrial Internet Of Things’ platform

Key Customers

Key customers
BAE Systems - Design and manufacture of an OTHR prototype mains distribution unit (electrical switchboard) to replace four of the existing bespoke units which are nearing end of life (and creating significant maintenance issues). This prototype was designed with commercial off the shelf industrial components to improve the reliability and maintainability of the system, and to ensure a future support and upgrade path.
Defence SA Techport Common User Facility - Design, installation, and ongoing 24/7 support of the Common User Facility site-wide control and communications system which includes a network of PLCs with an integrated SCADA system that provides operators with real-time status information about the entire facility. This system provides the delivery, control, and monitoring of consumable services (such as electricity, potable water, pressurised seawater, compressed air, and welding gases) used in the construction and testing of the Air Warfare Destroyers. Dematec has been supporting the Defence SA Common User Facility since 2010.
DSTG - Design, installation,and ongoing upgrades of an automated control and safety system for gas guns used for projectile testing at the Port Wakefield Firing Range. Dematec has supported this equipment since 1998 during which time it has undergone numerous upgrades and capability enhancements.
RUAG Australia - Design, installation, and on-going support of the safety and control system for RUAG's automated plating production line including its supporting subsystem (reverse osmosis plant and waste water treatment plant).
Key Partners
QinetiQ Australia
Asytec (mechanical design partner)

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

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