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Decision Analysis Services
56 613 739 085
60 Bangaroo Street North Balgowlah NSW 2093
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David Garrett
Managing Director

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DAS is an engineering and management consultancy group serving clients across the UK, North America, Europe, Japan, South Africa and Australasia.
We work with private and public sector clients to review, develop and implement strategic decisions associated with critical national infrastructure – enabling its efficient, effective and secure operation.
Our clients face complex challenges, characterised by factors such as the significance of the assets involved, the scale of through-life costs, the regulatory environment, the level of risk and uncertainty, the diversity of stakeholders and time horizon over which plans must be made.
The advice we provide is entirely independent. We underpin high-level strategic assessments with detailed analytical modelling techniques to provide decision-makers with clear, balanced, evidence-based recommendations. We also work with our clients to deliver or recover complex programmes of work.
We operate through three consulting practices:
- Defence
- Government
- Energy

Cost assurance
Risk management
Project management
Systems engineering
Investment appraisal
Showcase Capability

We support a range of defence equipment programmes across the UK, US and NZ in both ‘customer friend’ and Tier 1 supplier support roles. Our work has included cost assurance reviews for multi-$bn investment projects, programme management support and macro-economic analysis for defence budgeting.

Independent advisory services
Strategic reviews underpinned by detailed analysis
System Dynamics modelling capabilities

Key Customers

Key customers
UK Ministry of Defence
US Department of Defence
New Zealand MoD
Key Partners
DAS is an independent consultancy group, based in the UK and Australia

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
Group company holds 9001 and 14001. Austrlian subsidiary currently undergoing certification.

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