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DCL Engineering Group

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DCL Engineering Group
13 093 796 242
27 Malta Street, Fairfield East, NSW 2165
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27 Malta Street, Fairfield East, NSW 2165
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Ajith Ranasinghe

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DCL Engineering Group is a 100% indigenous owned company that has been servicing industry in mechanical breakdown repairs and engineering for over 58 years.
We are specialized in,

1. Complete in-house Repair and Overhaul of Medium to Large Scale Industrial Gearboxes, Manufacturing new components with CNC, Site work including precise CMM measuring, Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignments, New Mechanical Installations, Plant Shutdown and breakdown work 24/7. Our Headquarters is in Fairfield in Sydney while we have two branches in Newcastle and Wollongong.

2. Surface Engineering- i.e., to repair worn/damaged components OR to make new components last longer in operation with High Specification material such as Carbides, Ceramics, Ni Alloys such as Inconel, Co Alloys such as Stellite, Super Duplex and Stainless Steels using the process such as High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF), Flame Spray, Arc Spray and Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA)

We are based in a modern 8,400 square meter facility located in Western Sydney - Fairfield East and Port Kembla in Wollongong

Surface Engineering
High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF)
Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA)
Flame Spray
Arc Spray
Precision CNC Machining- Small to Large
One-stop Gear Box Repair Facility
Showcase Capability

HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel ) Carbide Coatings on Hydraulic Rams (This is the Defence Approved Alternative for Hard Chrome Replacement )

Ceramic Coatings on Connector Bodies to prevent corrosion caused surface electrical currents on the connectors.

Non-conductive ceramic coatings (NCC) for submarine electrical connectors, Air Intake Flapper Valve Flappers/Arms, and Sonar Transducer Plates to resist corrosion from galvanic action

Surface Engineered Bearings for Submarines with PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc) and HVOF processes

100 percent Indigenous owned company
Only Mechanical Repair Company with internal Surface Engineering Division
Highly skilled CNC machine operators and fabricators
58 years of manufacturing for Mining, Steel, Cement, Lift and Defence
Employees who acknowledge the importance of the customers’ requirements and urgencies
Knowledge in various gearbox brands, Flender, David Brown, Sumitomo, Hansen, Renold, TGW/WGW and Santasalo, etc

Key Customers

Key customers
Thales Group : Mechanical Repairs, Component Reclamation
Rio Tinto: Gear Box Repairs and Maintenance
Komatsu; CNC Machining and Component Reclamation
Westrac : CNC Machining and Component Reclamation
BlueScope Steel: Gear Box Repairs, CNC Machining and Component Reclamation
Wartsila Australia : CNC Machining and Component Reclamation
Key Partners
Wikov Transmissions
SIBRE Braking Systems
KISSLING - Transmissions
Woorim Machinery

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
Quality Assurance to ISO-9001

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