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Cirrus Real Time Processing Systems Pty. Ltd.

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Cirrus Real Time Processing Systems Pty. Ltd.
Level 1, 418A Elizabeth St Surry Hills NSW 2010
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02 9281 4449

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Cirrus develops, supplies and supports high technology systems for defence applications.
Cirrus has extensive experience and involvement in matters related to naval combat systems, including submarine combat systems.
This spans from the current Collins AN/BYG-1 combat system back through the Collins augmented combat system to the earlier Oberon class combat system.
Cirrus has acted both as a product developer and as an engineering service provider in support of submarine systems. Cirrus developed products include data recording and acoustic classification processing systems supplied to both Oberon and Collins submarines. Engineering services have included provision of expert engineering consultancy to support T&E of combat system under subcontracts to various prime contractors.
Cirrus has been supportive of the "Advanced Processing Build " (APB) program to evolve the AN/BYG-1 combat system since it opened to Australian industry in 2003. In that time, a total of 5 APB contracts have been awarded to Australian industry, with Cirrus securing 3 of these contracts. Most recently, Cirrus has developed battery management systems for AN/BYG-1 which is now in Step 2 of the APB process in conjunction with US partners.

Software engineering
Sensor processing technology
Combat system information management technology
Sensor and C3I simulation training systems
Showcase Capability

Expert engineering services to assist with the integration of combat system elements with the platform systems.

Cirrus offers a depth of expertise in the science, technology and engineering of combat systems and their associated sensors. This is coupled to a rigorous quality system (that is accredited to produce airworthy software) not normally associated with SME's.

Key Customers

Key customers
DMO TASPO - Supply, support and modifications to the AIr Combat Officer Training System
DMO Collins - Supply of Battery Management System
Other clients not disclosed for confidentiality reasons
Key Partners
Not disclosed for confidentiality reasons

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO 9001
Authroised Engineering Organisation (RAAF DGTA)

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