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Level 11, 44 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
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PO Box Q927, Queen Victoria, Sydney, NSW 1230
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Craig Lee
General Manager, Government and Advisory Australia

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Established in 1918, Beca is one of the largest employee-owned engineering and professional services companies in the Asia-Pacific, with a strong track record of success and a reputation for quality and innovation.
Beca offers advisory and engineering consultancy services across all engineering disciplines, project management, business improvement, software and simulation development. We have a substantial footprint with over 3,000 employees operating from across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Our employee ownership structure empowers staff to take personal responsibility for our reputation for quality, innovation and client-focused service.
This capability has earned Beca commissions in several sectors, including Defence, and we count the Australian Defence Force among our most valued clients.
Beca has been providing engineering design, advisory and project management services to Defence clients for the development of infrastructure and facilities for more than xx years. Our team of specialists provide full multi-disciplinary planning, design, project management, operational implementation and asset management services for all aspects of the Defence Estate

Engineering, designe, project managemetn, advisory services
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Provision of tailored business, process and organisational improvement programs demands familiarity with the Defence domain in order that those services are relevant and changes fit for purpose and successful. Beca built its Advisory service offering out of consulting services to Defence. We employ a combination of former Defence and other industry consultants to provide a blended service that offers contemporary methodologies and outcomes, but articulated in the context of the Defence operational environment.
Engineering support services to Surface Force.
We bring expertise in acquisition and sustainment from our broad experience and involvement in projects for defence and government organisations. We apply our experience and knowledge to provide the most appropriate solution to each project. Our service offerings are designed to deliver results across land, aerospace, maritime, joint systems and business management domains and include capability analysis, and strategy advice on:
• Program Management
• Procurement
• Sustainment
• Process Improvement
• Assurance Support

• Development, implementation and ongoing management of the Sea Release Assurance Framework (SRAF) across Shore Force and MHP Force
• Development and management of the Seaworthiness Materiel Assessments (SwMAs)
• Development of the Class Lifecycle Officer process
• Ongoing provision of senior engineering services into the FFGSPO
• Provision of project management, systems engineering and commercial services in SEA 5000
• Development of a range of Defence simulator environments
Beca provides systems, software and simulation engineering services in support of Defence capabilities across the product lifecycle. This includes requirements and specification development as part of capability development, acquisition support, introduction into service, and through life support. Examples of our services include -
• aviation and mission system software and simulator support as an embedded service to RNZAF;
• involvement in capability development projects for NZDF Capability Branch, ADF Capability and Acquisition Sustainment Group, and NZ Ministry of Defence;
• development of simulators, including the CIWS Block 1B simulator and P3 Radar Part Task trainer; and
• project management for capability introduction and OT&E across Land, Air and Maritime domains.

'Creative people striving together to transform our world'
Working together with the client iusing an open book methodology to delvier best for program solutions

Key Customers

Key customers
Royal Australian Navy - Fleet Seaworthiness Division, Fleet Command, Engineering Division, FFGSPO, MCPSPO, Shore Force, Surface Force
New Zealand Department of Defence
Australian Department of Defence (CASG) -SEA 5000, LAND 500, LAND 555
Key Partners
NZ Department of Defence
Royal Australian Navy

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO 39001:2008 Quality Management
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management
AS 4801:2001 Health and Safety Management

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