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Beak Engineering (Aust)

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Beak Engineering (Aust)
7 Walker St Braeside VIC 3195
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Phillip Shirley
Business Development Manager
03 95870255

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BEAK is a wholly Australian owned company that was originally established to provide support to the aviation systems on board Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ships, in particular the RAST helicopter landing system, and more recently expanded to become Australia’s largest manufacturer of ground power equipment embedded in Australia’s manufacturing industry.

Beak has a highly qualified engineering capability in the fields of mechanical, electrical, maritime and aeronautical engineering.

Programs and products alike are developed to support our customers’ needs through cost reduction strategies, engineering design and development advancement, OH&S and environmental improvements.

Based in Melbourne Australia, Beak has representation and alliances in Canada, US, Asia, Middle East, Europe and the UK. Our approach to business covers a global market.

Through life support including field service, obsolence management, warehousing, survey & analysis, R&O, materiel acquisition
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BEAK Engineering specialises in the survey and analysis, repair and overhaul, maintenance and materiel acquisition for:
*TAHS (towed array handling systems)
*Refuelling/defueling sysems
*Waste management systems
*Rudder/stern plane control systems
*Steering consoles
*Hyraulic power units
*Variable speed drives
*Aux electric Propulsion
*Auto depth keeping systems
*Power electronis
*Retractable Aux thrusters
*Bow stabiliser control systems

Other services provided by BEAK Engineering include:
Testing and certification on RAN vessels.
Maintenance of Defence sound-powered and powered communication systems, together with design, sourcing, implementation and certification of electrical systems as a registered electrical contractor;
Provision of training to RAN personnel; and
Maintenance and repair of marine waste management systems,
Calibration and repair of electronic test equipment.

Beak is the AUS/NZ repair authority for Indal Technologies equipment including the RAST (Recover, Asist, Secure, Traverse) and ASIST (Aircraft Ship Intergrated Secure and Traverse) and TAHS.
Beak manages all the assets for the above named systems for Defence through a Beak managed 3PL TLS model in the form of a 3500 district warehouse contract
In 2012 Beak Engineering was awarded with a contract to support the RAN in a capacity which is aligned to a Third Party Supply Chain Manager concept (TPSCM ). The Beak support services provided under this contract include; • Warehousing (3 sites; Two in Victoria and one in WA encompassing over 10,000 sq mtrs) • Procurement • Transportation • Asset maintenance on stored items • Obsolescence management • Key asset modification proposals • Modified repair and maintenance schedules to reduce key asset failures.

Key Customers

Key customers
Beak has provided worldwide URDEF support for FFGSPO, FFHSPO, THALES and NSM.
Beak provides complete TLS for MCPSPO for the RAST and has saved the DoD millions or dollars and reduced platform downtime and increased the aviation capabilities of both FFH and FFG platforms
Key Partners
Indal Technologies (Curtiss-Wright Corp)
ECA Group
WR Davis
Mace Engineering
TM Systems

Standards and Accreditations

Standards and Accreditations
ISO 9001

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